3. audio email is the new hand-written letter


  4. from Gender Circuits: Bodies and Identities in a Technological Age by Eve Shapiro


  5. fallon “the queen of swords” fox

    every time boys learn that i have an interest in women’s mma they are excited to ask me “what do you think about fallon fox,” who is a controversial transgender professional women’s mma fighter. first i turn the question back on them because i know that they are eager to express that they “think it is unfair” and “wrong” that she be allowed to fight (natural? raw?) women fighters. then i ask them what they think of steroid usage in the sport and the response is usually something like “it’s fine, i don’t really care about it.” they cannot seem to comprehend that there are many levels on which our bodies are acted upon, altered, and implemented by or with drugs and technology and they really don’t have much understanding of hormones, sex, or gender, yet they are absolutely horrified to think about somebody who was assigned male at birth being allowed to compete with women. they also seem to forget that no fighter ever has to take a fight that they don’t want to take and that fox has fought 6 professional opponents that were eager to enter the ring with her.


  6. ediane “la india” gomes

    nevermind that she lost this fight, look at this walkout! can i feel this ready, pumped, and queer every day? (also: i am always interested in the songs the women choose to put them in the headspace they need to be in to fight. i lol’d at this one)



  8. New Dorky Notebook & Preciado from Testo Junkie



  10. one of my spirit animals


  11. every day my tshirts signify my commitment to performance


  12. _digital attachment and failure_


  13. Metrah Pashaee where have you been for 6 months of my life?! 

    ^^^this friend is super important to me! 


  14. The image is sadder now; im sitting on the ground at frank ogawa dabbing at the stains from a sandwich i just ate that got on my shirt and i just called a white guy a “fucking weirdo”


  15. Aspirational Dressing

    /a working class hero is something to be/